NewbE hello's

Hello all,

I am a blender noob (in that I have known about blender for the past 3 odd years or so)

I have always wanted to ‘dable’ in the 3d realm but every single time I installed blender, I used to get intimidated/confused/scared/confused and confused with the UI.

At this time I also started with Linux.

I managed to force myself to understand Linux to a usable degree and now am comfortable with Linux (Not that it has much to do with this… except, I decided to adopt the same attitude with blender)

Lo and behold, I installed 2.43 and decided to go through the noob to pro tutorial/manual (Which I obviously havent finished)

As soon as I discovered (2 days max) that the UI is actually very very user friendly & completely understandable, I am now so addicted to blender, I find it hard to stop what ever I am busy playing with (in blender)

(I should change my username to fanboy hehehe)

Anyway, just to say Hi, I am a noob, can do the basics and love this software, and I will probably be asking for help in the future (or links to threads etc).

Thanx to all who make blender the #1 all in one software for animation, rendering, etc etc, (Hell, I think you can even get blender to make coffee and do shopping)

Nice to be here and I will now go surf the forums for more fun projects to start stimulating my creative side.


Cool. I wonder what you’ll make…

welcome ice10001! im glad you decided to start using blender! im fairly new myself, but enjoy it sooo much, as do you! can’t wait to start seeing some of your work!

Hey there! I’m the guy who will give you hyperlinks to the wiki user manual when you get stuck. I love using Blender too, and am making some video tutorials that I hope to sell. Enjoy!