Newbe Question

Hay there Good People.

 I am new to Blender and this Thread. I just have ome Question for now...

           Is it Possible to create objects, save them and Re-Use them without having to Re-Build them in a Different Scene?

For instance. Furnature. Build a couch a table and some chairs individually save them to a folder. Re-Open Blender Create the room and recall the funature without having to Re-Build it.

                                                                                         Thanks in advance

Yes, Shift+F1 to append something from a saved blend file into the currently open blend file.

Thank you very Much, I Didnt know that one

When you build your things, be sure to give the objects good names, otherwise you will be looking at a list of cube.001, cube.002, cube.003 etc when you want to append your chairs and tables and sofas.

PS, you can also group your objects into named groups, like ‘living room set’ or ‘dining set’ or ‘bedroom furniture’ to make appending or linking a bit easier.

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