Newbee - confused about 2.3 vs 2.41

I’m running on a Macintosh - G5 (Tiger). I’m looking to do some SIMPLE animation, and thought Blender looked good. So I downloaded and installed, then went to amazon and bought Roosendaal and Selleri et al’s The Official Blender 2.3 Guide. Being the kind of person who likes to slog through manuals to learn a product, I started in. I didn’t get far before it became apparent that there were some differences between 2.3 and 2.41 that made the QuickStart.Modelling tutorial not work the way the book said it should. Specifically, when I do a “box select” and try to extrude the right side of the ginger bread man, only the front face extrudes. Then my ginger bread man has flat arms, flat legs, and a huge stomach, and doesn’t look anything like the picture in the book.
I appreciate your patience in reading and helping me get going.
Be well.

yes… You need to unlimit the selection to visible.

In editing mode, next to where you select if you wish to select “vertices, edges and faces” There is a little button with a box on it that is pressed in. Press that to deactivate that.

That makes it so that you only select vertices etc that are actually visable in that view.

Have fun!

I did some more digging around, and found the Blender tutorials. These (so far) are really awesome! I’ll go through them and hopefully will get the basics a lot quicker than reading.


which has the manual updated to 2.40 for many sections.