Newbi dumb question about face renders

After figuring out texturing a model (that I didn’t make) I am stuck fixing the model up.

I deleted some faces and vertices from the middle of the object (to get rid of a surface feature) and added back some Quad faces to the hole.

After flipping the normals (to get the right face out) I found that the object renders well, except for the new bit, which appears as triangles radiating from the middle vert!

HELP please.


Enter Edit mode and do Ctrl-N to recalculate normals.
That should fix the problem

Be sure to select all vertices first (“a”)

Thanks OTO,

I tried that and found that in Shaded view the effect is of these faces bieng very obvious flat surfaces while the rest of the mesh is smooth and curved.

Do I change the nature of these selected faces to make them curvy somehow?

Cheers David

Edit mode: [Ctrl]+[A] --> [F9] --> “Set Smooth”

Try selecting all the vertices in “Edit” mode, then “F9” and select “set smooth” in “Links and Materials”

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…while waiting for a reply and lo’ you are both right! Set smooth it is and a beautifull thing it is too ; )

Cheers David

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If you hit ctr+a (select all vertices) then set smoth then the whole mesh should be smoothed. If you don’t do this first onlt he selected parts will be smoothed, which can create intesting effects such as on coges, were the teathe are sharp but the centre axis is more of a smooth circle.

If the area is to large, or has a beveled edge (narrow edge on the same plane ) the norrow edge will cause the area to appear flatter. you may need to subdivide the area and give it more geometry to make it more rounded (a hum in the middle or something)