Newbie - Alien Head


this is my second project I’m trying to do in Blender. I’m totally new into 3D rendering and I have trouble getting this model unwrapped.

First I tried to vertex paint the head, but it is nearly impossible because I can’t see the mesh and the painting is very messy. So I tried to unwrap the alien head but I get stuck every time. The problem seems to be the tentacle like things in the mouth region. I don’t know how to handle these.
Any tipps? Maybe I can send someone the blend file and you can show me how to do this?

Ok now I just selected the faces around the eyes and unwrapped them. It works for the eyes itself, but the texture is repeated around the rest of the body:

I thought I can create seperate uv mappings for one object? But something is wrong with these settings…

You can. Just select what parts you want in a new UV box and assign an image to it. Unwrap them only. If you unwrap the whole model all at once it will use 1 image. Like try to select just the head and unwrap it, then just the hands. Assign an image to each. Thats it!

Its also a good idea to make seams wherever you want the separation to be.