Newbie - Alpha channel (.tiff) not rendering


Really hope someone can help as I’ve tried looking everywhere :frowning:

I downloaded a free tree model (.obj) which is made up of simple branches and leaves which exist as small meshes with .tiff textures. The problem is that the alpha channel on the leaves doesn’t seem to be working - not even on renders. Instead, the alpha render as plain white. I’ve tried checking all sorts of boxes, like “use transparency” but nothing seems to help. I’ve attached a render and would be really grateful if anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to how I can get around this.



In your texture tab, cheak premultiply box.

not at all - he still needs to switch on Transparency for the leave-material and pull there the alpha-slider down to zero, then the alpha-value in the texture will have the effect to only show the leave-colour.

Thank you so much. I had genuinely spent several hours trying to solve this myself! I now have beautiful trees in my scene and I don’t have to try and pass off the white bits as “blossom” when showing my client!