newbie: animating object colours

Hi, I’m new to blender and are struggling with protein structures. I created a string of spheres with 52 uv sheres. The colour of the whole string change in the animation whereas I only want one sphere to colour on its own. I did not group them, so I can’t figure out what’s wrong. Did I do something wrong in the duplication process of the sphere? I have changed the material button for each sphere to single user, but it still animates the whole string colour at the same time. Help please. I need to have this animation out on monday.

Try U > MakeSingleUser > IPOs .

thanx will do

jawra is right when you duplicate an object property gets duplicated as well. If it still gives you fits give each object it’s own property. Remember the naming convention too. No names with similarities.

here is a tutorail i made on it

sorry waht naming convention. explain please. I have recreated the animation, creating each sphere by itself, it still does not work. now i can get each one to take its own colour, however the keyframing does not work . i do it with one object no problem. if i have more than one, it seems as if the program forgets what i did. I create a 5 spheres. in frame one i change sp1 colour to blue, I rgb, jump to frame 10 change colour again I rgb. go back to 1 and the colour remains the same as in 10. what am I doing wrong? when i check the keyframes, it is just not there? I created the animation in photoshop for client but will have to recreate in 3d soon. please walk me through it, I’ve worked on spoftimage and other 3d programs, however this interface is very different, and I’m short on time.

With my poor english I’ll try to help you.
Animate objects color one by one : add object without material and duplicate (Shift-D / Alt-D) or create new object(s) so they don’t have any material then add to each object new material.
If you want to have group(s) of objects with the same material ( and color animation ), reuse created material(s) of course.
Select object you want animate its material , go to start frame you want e.g. 1 , change color you wish ( e.g. pure RED ) , put mouse pointer over material buttons , hit I-key ( like Iron ) InsertKey>RGB.
Go to next key frame e.g. 11 , change color ( e.g. pure BLUE ) , hit I-key InsertKey>RGB.
Now to see material IPO’s go to IPO window , choose Material instead of Object and you should see this :

Repeat steps for objects with different materials. Obviously for objects with the same material you don’t have to edit every object - they change color together.

Another method if you want to have e.g.10 objects with one material and one object with different material : create object , create its material ( animate material as above right now or after creating object copies ) , duplicate 9 times and place copies. Now you have 10 objects with the same material ( and material animation if it’s created ).
And now creating the one object with different material and color animation. There is 3 ways to do that and they depends on case :

  1. adding new object and new material and animating material as above ;
  2. duplicating object with non-animated material ;
  3. duplicating object with animated material.

ad 1. It’s simplest way because you create new object and its material as previous one so nothing more to explain.

ad 2. Duplicate object with non-animated material. Now newly created object and old one have the same material. Under ‘Links and Pipeline’ tab you see material name so do ADDNEW to create separated copy of first material. Now new object has new material and you can change color and add color animation that will not affect other object(s) with different material and different color animation IPO’s.

ad 3. Duplicate object with animated material. Now newly created object and old one have the same material with the same color animation. Do like in ad 2. - under ‘Links and Pipeline’ tab you see material name so do ADDNEW to create separated copy of first material. Now new object has new material but material is linked to the same IPO like old one so if you change color and insert key frame it will change both materials , new and old , because they have the same IPO. Now you have to create new IPO for new material. Go to IPO window and you see IPO name so do ADDNEW to create separated copy of old IPO. Now you can change color animation for new object directly in IPO window or by selecting keyframe and changing color in Material window and saving it to IPO by I-key InsertKey>RGB.

I hope my explanation will help you and don’t forget to post questions if any.:slight_smile: