Newbie: Animating object duplicates

Hi everyone,

First of all let me apologize for posting questions that would probably be answered by actually learning the software before jumping into any work, but I’m in the process of creating some prototypes for a client presentation and don’t have the time to explore this in depth.


I have a very simple scene set up (a few planes with building drawings on them to create a paper cut-out environment) and a camera that pans through it. Some of the building are duplicates of each other, and I can render the scene as a still, but as soon as I move to a different frame in the timeline, they all assume the same position on the scene - at first i thought they were disappearing and by the time I realized what was happening I had 20+ duplicates in the same position in space.

Does anyone know why this might be happening? I have an earlier prototype (almost the same scene), where this wasn’t happening, but I can’t figure out what I did different (the only difference I can think of is that now I’m using alpha channels on textures…

Thanks in advance.

I would bid that it s a keyframe trouble.
Something like: you play with animation. Then you enable auto key. Then you start to create a building then you move in the timeline. then you start adding building, and more and more by duplicating the first one . but when you play animation you got all buiding going back to the place of the first one cause all are keyframed. So check auto key …

i think this is a nasty BUG in blender. duplicates are supposed to be independent, but the animation engine seems to treat them as one and the same object. It is very disconcerting to find that object disappear as soon as you start animating.

I created several copies of an object. I select the first object, create a keyframe and then move forward to a new frame - only to see some of the duplicated objects disappear.

I have tried creating a new file, but with no luck.

I will try and report it as a BUG. Very frustrating!!!