Newbie animation question

I am working on a Blender animation of a gingerbread cookie. This is only my second attempt at animating something so I’m sure there is an easy answer to my problem, but I haven’t been able to find it by googling.

My first render came out fine. Now I have made some major changes but when I click Render or Animation, Blender presents the old render or animation rather than creating new renders.

Is there some setting somewhere I clicked on by mistake?

can you post the blend file here it is very easy. That has happened to me so long ago it is a distant memory.

ok, I think I got the file posted.
I also think I might have figured out what was happening. I noticed a message up at the top that said “rendering sequence” or something like that. I deleted the previous sequence I had loaded into the video sequence editor and that worked. The next time I clicked the animation button in the render settings it created a render from the timeline.

Is there a way to indicate that I want to render the timeline and not the sequence?

Thanks for your help!