Newbie animation


A friend and I made an animation (raytraced, made with Blender 2.36, some month of computing for a little bit more than 2 minutes of animation).

I have now a 40 Mb avi file (41.061.364 bytes) and I am looking for a place to put it … for free !! 8)

I made also an mpeg file that fits the computed picture’s size (DVD format), but it’s 130 Mo and I don’t think anyone except me will be interested (if I’m wrong, tell me).

Well, it’s totaly newbie so don’t expect something professional, it was only made for fun … and don’t expect a change too (too much time to re-compute), but C&C are welcome for sure ! :wink:

13 Mo re-compressed :
Feeding Momo 13 MB maybe?
Well if you want you can register for a free web host like and use an ftp account to upload it… i forgot if google video accepts avi uploads if you wanna look at that.

If you dont have an ftp client, no worries. There are web based ones that are easy to use.

You should fire up VirtualDub and recompress your AVI using an MPEG4-based codec (like DivX or Xvid) before attempting to upload it to the net. (Tho google will re-encode to a flash-based format for you, I think… still a huge upload for that.) There’s no reason that 2 mins of animation should be 40mb. You could get an account at (which stores content on and post it there. I use them for some of mine and its a great free service. Alternately go to mudpuddle - tho you’ll definitely need a smaller file there.

Just a side-note: probably not such a good idea to post a thread in FP before you even have your work online… if you need a question answered, such as hosting recommendations, post in Blender General first (or better yet, do a search.) Only post here if you’ve actually got something to see… %|

Ok, sorry for asking that here.

However, here is the link (rapidshare). It seems to be a little bit complicated for the “free” version (no download accelerator supported and so on), but you can download it from there :

Sorry also, the file is 40Mb but even with virtualdub, I cannot reduce the size without losing a lot of quality (if you can do it, please inform me !). Well, newbie with Blender, newbie with VirtualDub too :wink:

To recompress the AVI you could do the following:

–> Open a new Blender

–> select the video sequencer

–> add your movieclip

–> Go to the renderbuttons menu

–> select the “Do sequence”

–> Select Quicktime as output and select mpeg-4 as the codec

–> Then render the animation

This way you do not have to re-render the animation, but it takes the frames from the AVI and creates a Quicktime mp4 compressed movie a lot smaller!

Let me know how this works out.

(PS. It is possible that you need to have the latest Quicktime installed…)

Thank you but then I lose my soundtrack !?

I haven’t been testing sound with Blender… so maybe another user can fill in this blank knowledge for us?

Maybe already tryout compressing the AVI as in the steps above to see how much can be compressed of the 40MB.

BTW, nice movie!

A better place to host it might be

What did you original compile your sound and video with? I think that blender is still incapable of compiling the two. You’ll need to compress your video and sound in the video program you originally used, there should be the same codecs avaliable there as in blender.

Alternately, you can play with TMPGenc, which is an mpeg-1 encoder that’s free and very nice. There is a tutorial explaining it on the page I linked to.

Good luck,


EDIT: I just downloaded and watched it. Nice! It’s a cute story. It just seemed to stretch a little, you know? The timing seemed just a taaad too slow in some places. But only a tad. It was pretty fun.

Ok, here is a 13 Mo file (more compression) … and easier download site (thanks for the link) :

Feeding Momo 13 MB

It says File Not Found

Sorry, link corrected … there was a space character in the URL :expressionless:

That is a good newbie animation.

I like the music, the expressions of the fish, the subtle reflections, and the wallpaper.

The camera moves could be smoother in the credits section.
The fish could look shinier.
The room’s furnishings could look less boxy, but I can understand that you would not want to focus on that.

Thanks for sharing your work.

Thanks for the crits !

I agree with the camera speed. Even if the camera movements are calculated with blur effect, this is a problem. But the pictures take too long time to calculate, so I will do better the next time :wink:

Our idea was to make a first movie, and then reuse the scene for another movie and work on details (object less as boxes, more details and so on). Well … after doing this first shot, I think now it’s better to re-do all :wink:

Yeah, I didn’t really like it, not my type of thing, but it was very well made. Thanks for sharing.

For a neewb movie i think its awethome.
The modeling may not be perfect, and there are isues with camera movement, but its a complete short movie that tells a story.

So keep on, i bet there will be some amazing stuff if you improfe youre technics!