Newbie asking questions ^^

Hello Blender Artists commnity !

I’ve been working with a myriad of 3d applications by now including popular ones (Like 3ds MAX and Maya ) and not hat popular ones (Like Modo). But i wanted to give Blender a try . I mean , you can’t get better than Free, and the Big Buck Bunny project WOWed me .

  1. After testing it a bit i found an interface problem (bug) .

This happens when Occlude Background Geometry is on and when moving the mouse over the buttons. Here are some screens :

Normal interface :

Mouse over a button when Occlude Background Geometry is on :

I’d like to mention that i am running on a 4 Gb RAM PC , 2.66 Intel dual core processor , Nvdidia GeForce 8800GT and Vista 32 bit.

  1. Second problem, again an interface thingy.
    Everytime I render something (Using Blender’s internal rendering system) , after it finishes rendering , the Blender:Render window turns black , and i have to manually move the image , just a bit , for it to show. This ain’t a big problem but it is annoying.
    Here are some screens :

Render in progress :

Finished render :

After moving the rendered image :

  1. Third problem isn’t any bug nor interface related, but since i posted this thread here , i didn’t want to open yet another one. This one is animation related , in fact , skinning / rigging related.

Here is my rig :

Here are my weight maps :

Here is what happens when posing the character :
(I think you can’t see the last image , here is the link : tp:// )

Is my weight map faulty ? Or maybe my rig ? What’s happening and how to fix it ?

Thanks in advance !

Sincerely ,
Jiman Vlad

I would really like a reply on this matter -.- I don’t want to leave Blender just cause i had some minor problems …

The first interface problems are probably Vista’s fault.

For rigging, it takes a bit of practice to get the deformation looking right.

I run Blender on Vista just fine. However, there are interface problems if you are using an ATi graphics card or an Intel GMA card. If you have either of these search the forum for the specific card and you will find others that have the same issue. It would appear with Ati that sometimes upgrading or down-grading your drivers helps.

As for the deformations I don’t know Jack about rigging so, no help from Me.

Here is the blend file for teh animation part :

What would you do to get rid of the problems ?

I already mentioned i have a GeForce card on an Intel system.

P.S.: Why did my screenshots get deleted ? :open_mouth:

My Bad I didn’t see that line. However, I can see all your screen-shots. I knew someone else had posted on this red / black display before and I found the thread. It appears to be an issue with the Geforce drivers. I am so use to seeing issues with cards other than the Geforce I merged them in my head. Here is a link to the other thread. It hints at a solution, but does not have a definitive answer.

Looks like your vertexgroups weights are overlapping at the shoulder joint there (same parts are red around the shoulder joint in two images). This means that for the overlapping parts, both bones are affecting the deform. Sometimes this is what you want, but for a model/rig this simple, you want your vertexgroups to be non-overlapping.

I can see your screenshots too… actually they could also be much smaller :wink:
To avoid this dramatic deformations you can also use lower values or more transparency at the seams of your bones, Also, if you haven’t done so, i would suggest to use only Vertex Group (WeightPaint) and to uncheck the Envelopes deformation on the Armature Panel.

Thats in linux unfortunately :frowning:

P.S.: I would still like sollution for the animation problem please ^^