Newbie asking


I got a few questions!

  1. Is Blender a standalone software only?

  2. If no on (1) can I integrate the liquid generator into Lightwave?

  3. If its possible to integrate Blenders liquid features into Lightwave, is it the same procedure to get things work like in Blender itself? Wondering if the tutorials for Blender can be applied directly from the inside of Lightwave or is it a more complicated way to make it work from Lightwave?


Blender is a standalone 3D modelling and animation suite, not able to be integrated into other 3D software somehow like a plugin or something else.
(This, of course, only as far as I know, but I think one of the coders would give the same answer, to.)

Blender fluids to Lightwave workflow:


Fast Eddy… ok but it seems like there were a way to solve anyway!

Softworks… I ll check it up… thanks!


wow - seems to be a lot of work with a giant pile of files - but okay, it’s a solution. :slight_smile: