Newbie at modelling. How would I remove the handle coming into the mug.

The handle is going into the inside of the mug and I have no idea how to fix it. Still not used to handling the Blender Beast. Any help how to fix this would be much appreciated thank you!

I am not good at explaining, but i would do it like shown in this tutorial.

It looks like you’ve extruded from hte bottom of the handle, but then tried to tie it in at the top.
Are you looking to have the handle as per the video posted above, or coming in near the rim of the cup?
That would colour how you would go about doing it.

Yes I was trying to make the handle like the one featured in the video. I created loop cuts in the mug base then extruded out to make the handle. The handle has come out straight and not curved/round so I don’t know how I would achieve that also. But yeah I’m trying to make it look like the one in the video. Is there a way I could just move or delete the corners coming into the mug?

One of the tools you may have overlooked is ‘create face’. The hot key is “f”. It works like this:

Select four vertices for the corners of your new face (shown on left) then press the hot key ‘f’ and you’ll get a new face (shown on the right). This can be a very useful tool for connecting parts of a mesh to itself. ‘f’ can also create edges, if you have only two vertices selected, or triangle faces, from three vertices. If you have more than four verts selected, Blender will try to do something reasonable, but it usually won’t be what you want, so I don’t recommend more than four verts at a time.

Orinoco’s answer is what you’re looking for. Creating the faces will allow you to merge the two objects together, without creating the mess you have.