Newbie: Bitmap Fonts

(numaQ) #1

Hello again, :wink:

Where can I find bitmap fonts to use in the RT engine ?
How can I produce a “bitmap font” file from a simple
picture of “hand made” fonts ?

I’ve read somewhere there’s a “hiden header” in a bitmap font file
for the RT engine.

(OTO) #2

Hello numaQ

me too i’m searching for them

Well if you have downloaded some Blender demos or games
you allready have some (arial, digital, curve, i guess)
Make them by hand it’s difficult but you can convert existent ones
with ftblender.
Do a search!!

(Ben) #3

-Read this


(blengine) #4

or u could dl a pack of 20 different ones ive already made =)

whoa! new icons!!! bodaciously radical!!!
:Z :< :expressionless: %| :expressionless: [>] [!]

haha =D

(OTO) #5

Great!! At least!!
Thank you!