Newbie Breakout attempt

Unable to find any really good tutorials on how to make even a simpe breakout game (I’m on dial up, so videos don’t really work for me) I decided just to start making one and learn as I go.

After reading the BlenderArt magazine, issue 14, I kind of know how to make my player move, but not much beyond that, and it’s buggy.

Here’s my attempt at getting started…

File download here:
Use the cursor keys to move the cube left & right.

How do I get the cube to stop “bouncing” when it hits the edges? How do I get into the next stages, of adding a bouncing ball, destroyable bricks and a score?

Well, I now have a movement I’m happier with. Didn’t think I should have to have “dynamic” enabled. Without it, my movement is without the slowdown / bounce motion.

Here’s the new version:

I had to add two collision detections, one for right and left as otherwise the bat would get stuck once it hit the side, not knowing which end it was hitting, merely that it was “near” any side. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? (e.g. only having the player move if it’s clear… kind of a pre-collision detection).

Am about to tidy up around here. In the meantime, if anyone has tutorials on making spaceships shoot, displaying text scores etc, please let me know.

i have dial up too, but what i did and would recommend you doing is take your jump drive to your local library/school/work and download the gamekit manual and cd-rom(now free)
was a HUGE help, and covers passing properties for displaying scores, using emptys and add object actuators to “shoot” objects, pretty much everything you’ll want to know for a game as simple as yours. also blendenzo’s website is very helpfull(, for creating your game’s UI.

Thanks for your reply.

Like many of the resources I have searched for my questions, Blendenzo’s resource contains a wealth about texturing, physics engine, cloth dynamics, python add ons etc, but nothing specific about the basics of making a ball bounce breakout style without resorting to bullet simulation or python. I’m not really into decking up the UI… plenty of time for graphics later. I’m wanting to unmuddy the task of actually learning the game logic & drivers… learning how to install pretty fonts is pointless if I can’t even get the score showing in the default fonts to start with.

I searched for the Gamekit and found this: but, it appears that the actual download is out of action; perhaps a glitch just for today? It does sound good though (and may cover other questions I have about animation: splines & reverse foot rigs)… do you have a working link?