Newbie - Can't get particles to work ver. 2.48.1

This is my first post ever in the Blender forum so if I’ve posted in the wrong area let me know. I am very new to Blender but so far I it seems very intuitive and I really like the flexibility of the program.

Particles: I am following some Youtube tutorials from Super3boy and I was on tutorial nine which is working with particles. I created a plane, hit the tab key to go to edit mode, and selected the particle button, hit add new and then Alt A and nothing happened. No particles. I believe Super3boy was using an earlier version at the time he made this tutorial. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

I am familiar with particles from using Particle Illusion in the 2D world but looking forward to using particles in the 3D world.



Blender 2.48.1
System: MAC Pro
Intel 8 core

Ok so you just made a particle system and did noting else? You would have to give the particles some velocity to make them visible.

Thanks. I did try a few of the options but not velocity. Thanks again. It appears to be working.

No problemo.