newbie Christmas animation

(Santiago) #1

I’ll try re-posting this, as the earlier attempt seemed to not make it. I think I forgot to put a subject on it, which may be the reason. :smiley:

The purpose of this post is to provide some encouragement to newbies like myself, that some useful results can be obtained with minimal experience. I’ve found I learn best - and quickest - by simply starting a project with a new software tool, and learning as I go. When I do this, I don’t expect perfect results, and I’m usually not disappointed. In my case, I have yet to get IPOs working to my satisfaction.

One of the venues I often use to try new techniques/software is an annual Video Christmas Card I mail to family and friends on tape/vcd/dvd. Since it’s in fun anyway, no great harm occurs if the results are less than perfect.

This year, I decided to do the title and epilogue in Blender. I’m reasonably satisified with the results, so I edited the results, and posted it. I get rather annoyed when I download multimegabytes which turn out to be of no interest, so I’ve posted two versions. A quickie-load low quality version, using the RealAudio video player, is here:

A somewhat better quality, windoze media version, is located here:

However, be forewarned that the latter version is 17+ megabytes long! The original AVI version is 330+ megabytes :stuck_out_tongue: I suggest you try downloading the RealAudio version to see if it’s of interest before trying to download the other version.

I have a philosophy of never re-inventing what I can get at the corner drugstore, so most of the models and effects are either from Blender tuitorials, 3DCafe models, or models found on aminet. There are a couple of minor originals, like the control tower and rotating beacon… I do have some experience with using imagine, but this is my first Blender effort.

The point of posting this is to show other newbies that they can get some results if they try. The results may not be perfect the first time, but they may well be usable for fun purposes.

I can’t think why anyone would want to disseminate this, but if you so chose, by all means feel free to do so. The only request I make is that you include the disclaimer that the term “A Video Christmas Card,” is my intellectual property.

I’ll leave it up until around Christmas, or until public demand requires it’s removal! :wink:

(paradox) #2

Very nice. I liked it, and definitely an inspiration for others. Keep up the good work.