Newbie - Copy and paste object keyframes

I think I just got this too work in the NLA.

Using Mac OS 10.5.8, Blender 2.49.2

I’m not really animating yet. I’m positioning my elements in various ways trying to work out the best compositions. Then I’m taking these compositions and creating storyboards.

I want to take all the keyframes on frame one and duplicate them three times to frame two, three and four. Then I will try various compositions on each frame.

So how do I copy and paste all my keyframes for objects, camera and lights?
If this is possible, should I do it in the IPO window, the NLA window or the Action Window?
I’ve used the IPO for a day. I’ve just opened NLA for the first time and have not had much luck. In the NLA, I do Shift D on one keyframe and it instead duplicates a strip from one keyframe to the next. I’ve not used the Action Window at all yet.


motionista logo 08.blend (671 KB)

You almost have it right. If you’re using the NLA Editor (which is probably most efficient for what you’re doing), then you should use the Border Select tool to select all the keys at frame 1, use SHIFT+D to duplicate, type the number of frames you want to move the duplicate keys ahead in the NUMPAD, then hit ENTER. Example: SHIFT+D, NUM-5, Enter duplicates all selected keys and moves them ahead 5 frames. You can also drag the dupes with the mouse, using the CTRL key to keep the moves to frame increrments, and LMB-click to “drop” them in place.

BTW, these are the Windoze key strokes, but I’m assuming they’re the same for Mac OS. If not, check the Manual to get the right ones.

The “strip” you see that appears between the keys is a visual reminder that the values of the keys do not change between the frames, because they’re duplicates. You’ll see this in the Action Editor as well. It isn’t the same as the NLA Strips you can create from Actions, which I won’t get into because it’ll just be confusing at this point.

Thanks and incredible illustrations you’ve done on your site.