Newbie espresso pot, please help...

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Blender, and after going through a whole lot of tutorials, I’m trying to model one of my favorite household items- my trusty espresso maker (see pic).

Starting with just the top chamber:

I have several challenges here:

  1. The bottom (at the junction with the bottom chamber) is a cylinder, and just above it is a decagonal structure. Can I create one object by somehow merging the cylinder with the decagonal structure- or should I split them up?

  2. The decagonal structure is somewhat rounded. Here’s what I tried:

  • Adding a circle with 10 vertices
  • Extruding along the “Z” axis
  • Scaling the top decagon out a bit to create a slope
  • Subdividing all surfaces twice
  • Selecting the middle vertical vertices of each surface and grabbing towards the center, with proportional editing enabled

It looks ok- but here’s my problem- I want it to look exactly the same on each surface. I don’t think there’s a “radial mirror”- is there?

Thanks everyone for your help!


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I don’t think there’s a “radial mirror”- is there?

Yes there is, it’s called the spin tool. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the different tools available. There is a good set of tutorials.
I had some problems following your description. It might be a good idea to post and image (rendering, wireframe rendering, screenshot) to bring your point across more clearly.

I would try to keep the parts as the same model but it would probably not be the end of the world if they were separate since this is a learning project. I thing is a good thing to try things out differently on your own; That is how you develop the ‘deep knowledge’ where you understand what you are doing instead of just repeating what others have told you.

I’m just learning and I started out on organic models so I have never really had to do something this geometrical. There are a couple of ways to ‘sharpen’ an edge when working with a subdivision model.

  1. Google “box modeling” or “subdivision surface modeling”. There are some standard techniques for sharpening up those edges and they are some of the first things covered by most tutorials.

  2. Google for “Blender edge crease”. There is a way to take an edge and tell Blender that you want it less rounded by the subdivision algorithm.

  3. Google “edge split modifier”. This is another way to sharpen those angles.

Check out my 5-second model job here. I made a ‘circle’ with 10 vertices, subdivided the mesh, extruded it up, scaled it out a bit. Then I added the “sub-division surface” modifier and added some edge loops to a few of the vertices to tighten them up a bit. I let the others alone so you could see the before-and-after. Try “creasing” some of the other edges or playing with the “edge split” modifier to see if you can get them to do what you want.


pot.blend (319 KB)

I personally don’t think you need proportional editing enabled for something like this.