Newbie Fails to Bake Reflective Materials

I need a little help with getting my reflective materials baked properly.

Using 2.61, I have modeled a kitchen faucet, given it some nice, reflective materials (Mirror Reflectivity = 0.7) and UV unwrapped it. In order to give it something to actually reflect, I have placed a box around it and applied a photo of a kitchen interior as a texture to the box.

(There are a couple of spot lights in the scene too; I use a Node Material to bake specularity.)

So far, so good. Not the best Blender render you’ve ever seen, but close enough for my purposes.

However: when I do a Full Render bake, the reflections do not show up. I have tinkered with Environment Maps, but I don’t really understand how they work yet, and I’m not sure they’re suitable for the task?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I would like to be wrong, but I don’t think it is possible right now. Sounds like something complicated to implement, code wise.

But what is more important… the idea itself, of baking reflection, is a bit weird.

If you plan on displaying the faucet in realtime, moving a camera, then it will look totally weird to have “static” reflection.
Unless you want to use the reflection as kind of HDR lighting?

I am aware that the reflections won’t be accurate, but it will suffice for my purposes. It is of course not accurate to use a node material to bake specularity either, but that too does what I need.

What I’m after is basically a baked texture with a decent metallic look – I’m of course open to any other approaches or solutions that achieve this.