Newbie File Saving Question

I am sort of new to 3D animating, and I just started using Blender. I’ve noticed that after I render and save my animations, they are saved as a .blend file. How do I convert them into an ordinary video file so that they can be viewed on a media player? I assumed I could find the answer easily in tutorials, but none of the tutorials I’ve gone through mentioned doing this.

Asked and answered.

That’s not true, or if it is something has a bad case of notalrightiss. To render an anim goto F10 buttons, Output tab, and set the path to a folder to save to. Warning; if you set a folder that already has rendered files they will all play when you press Play in the Anim tab. Then set the format and resolutionin the Format tab. Press Anim (and Do Composite and Do Sequence if you’re using those functions) and the file(s) will be rendered to the folder you set. File >> Save As will save the Blend file as XXX.blend.


Cool, thanks. :slight_smile: