Newbie first head

Hi everyone…:slight_smile:
Working on my first 3d head…but mostly near the end…
Posting to hear any comments on it…
I like the ear portion the most as I have to say it look the most realistic body part among the rest:D

Oh…by the way…can anyone tell me how to unsubsurf the model after applying? because I want to do the body for the head but when I go to edit mode there is too much vertix to look at…Thanks in advance for your help…:o

P.s Love to add more hair but its killing my laptop…sorry for the bald head


are you working with reference material directly in front of you? if not, get some, its absolutely essential.
the checks need bones, at the moment theres no indication he has any facial structure here. the nose needs definition around the nostrils. mouth and lips need muscle def,
if the model in edit mode has so many verts that it chuggs your system to view them, steer clear of using subsurf for the moment.
its definitely on its way, and for a first head build its going well. theres a phenomenal amount of technical knowledge to be processed to achieve a well built head. - and people stare at heads all day so the errors and glitches are dead easy to spot… its just the same with making a photoreal image…
have you been learning any of the scupting tools? they are extremely valuable in making organic models, id definitely look for some video scupting tutorials.

Thanks for your advise…:slight_smile:
I just redo the head again but this time I push the cheek bone and the lip more…:slight_smile:
the nose I still doing my best ard it but I think may need some more work on it…posting for my second head…:smiley: