[Newbie]First modell ever

Hello there!
first of all, im from Sweden so don’t bash my bad english :confused:
to the topic.

I have just figered out how to handle with some basic extrude stuff… and i would like to know your opinion on how im doing so far. This is my first experience with 3D Modelling(?) whatsoever and I am not really artistic so, be gentle? :slight_smile:


I have not figured out how to handle with textures and stuff like that, you may notice %|

it is very good for a first model. maybe make the handle a bit shorter ,and the end of the handle looks strange

if thats your first model ever, then I would say your on your way to becomming an amazing 3D artist. that good

you said:

This is my first experience with 3D Modelling(?) whatsoever and I am not really artistic so, be gentle

I have found that it is far better if people heavly criticise you work, you become much better, faster.
an example of this (for me) is here:https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=58447&highlight=

I posted the first render thinking I was done, however through the help of the people who answered my post, you can see how much better it became.

so welcome to Blender, and I expect to see more of your stuff on here soon.

Hey, good job for a first attempt, I suggest working out some reflections on the blade. I am not a particularly good teacher, so you might want to get someone else to help you out on that aspect of things. It is very good nonetheless.

Thanks everyone for the comments! It really triggers me to continue going with this hard (but fun!) tool.

I have tried fore some time to adjust the handle and add a little “knot”
why? Don’t you think it would be easier to swing with it when you have something robust to grab on to? (and it looks a little cooler ;))

I also shrinked the bottom of the handle, looks better and also would be nice with more weight in the swing than in the back.

and CornDog; Thanks for the advice.
So, bomb me with critics so i can straight out this mess!


This is a very decent first render…!
Since you ask for critics, i’ll give some, so you can learn =)

First: The handle could use some subsurf and “set smooth”. Not everybody agree on using subsurf, but imo it’s a great tool, unless you are going for lowpoly modeling. For subsurfacing, hit Add modifier > subsurf under the editing menu (F9) the numbers decides how many times to divide your mesh. the “levels” is in editing mode, and the “render levels” is when you render.
Next hit the “set smooth” button in links and materials, also located in the editing menu (F9, again).

Next, you could use some reflection on the metal, and maybe another material for the handle. The reflections is put on this way: shading menu (F5), hit the “mirror transp” part. turn on the “ray mirror” button, and turn op the RayMir slider.

For more on texturing, and materials - try looking in some tutorials - that is by far the easiest way to learn, and there are hundreds of them all around the internet. (here is an overview of some of them: http://www.blender3d.com/cms/Tutorials.243.0.html

Hope it’s usable information, and welcome to the Blender society =)

See, all these nerdy people are here for you, they love helping and all that jazz. Good luck with all your future renderings, and might I suggest working on a scene for this particular blade, especially since you are going to put reflections on it.

The handle is very square. was it made by extruding a square? :wink: for something like this, you’d want to extrude a circle, or make a cylinder and loop-cut it and then model it into a handle somehow. The trickier part is getting it to join the rest of the model. OF course, you don’t even have to have a single mesh, you could break it up into more meshes if it works better that way…

Looks good so far keep up the good work

Roach 8)

Thanks again, theese comments are worth their weight in gold!

Im right now fixing and bending with the shaft, but i bumped into a little problem.

In the picture below you will see three “rings”… i would like to have theese rings “stand-alone” from the shaft… cause right now, if I color the rings i also color the shaft and that is not good. Any easy way to fix this?


To get get those three rings a stand alone material you can assign them there own material as part of the same mesh go to link for more info
Or if you want them to be a seperate mesh , while they are selected press p and choose selected and those parts will then be a seperate mesh.