Newbie: First Render of a Ring

Hi all!..

I am a 3-days old newbie in the blender world, after watching several video tuts and some trying on the famous snowman winter scene, I am making my own model…

First one I would like to try is just to do a simple ring that sparkles under spotlight…

I know its an ultimate amateurish scene, but in this work I would like to experiment the different lighting condition and how to make something sparkles…

Its rendered with yafray (although I dont really know whats the difference now)… :slight_smile:

of course, c&c are welcomed… I am trying to improve and maybe get into pixar by next month… just kidding… :smiley:


First off, welcome to the Blender community. I hope you enjoy your 3D experience and at least make a life lasting hobby from it. And your joke about aiming for Pixar isn’t as far fetched as you may think it is. Many people in the community are professional CG artists, and in fact some do work for major film companies. You looking to take this to a career level or leave it at a nice hobby?

Anyways, about your render. First, I would look at adding a nice shiny and reflective material to the ring and definitly give it some dimension in width. It’s more like a chain link then a ring at the moment.

You’ve placed your ring in a semi akward position. It’s seems as if the ring should be spinning down to the surface below it. Try laying the ring flat on the surface or in a more upright position.

The shadows could be much softer from the spot light. Here’s a referance:

Once you befome more familiar with the application, you can jump into the powerful Sequence Editor to add a nice Glow to your render.

Overall, it’s a great start. Looking forwards to your improvements.

Thanks BrianH!..

Will take your suggestions, and hope my next render will be more presentable…

theres lot more to learn from you guys here… :smiley:

And yes, I am an IT proffessional currently but nothing to do with CG and such, but it has always been my interest and dream and I am starting on it to make it become my job eventually…