Newbie Flooding

Please, if you are new to the BGE, first thing you should do is to go onto google and look up “BGE beginner tutorials”. Asking a bunch of questions about basic things that could be easily solved by a google/youtube search clog up the forum.

If this is your first month or two in BGE, don’t attempt to make a game. Just mess around and learn from the pros(Goran and others on youtube). Learning for at least three months will make your first game dramatically better.

One thing that annoys me personnally is when people use too many question marks or “HELP” in the title. All the threads CAN be seen without caps and punctuation. This will not help your chances of getting your question answered. Just use your title for a four or five word summary of your thread.


At first, i understand you! HELP ASAP Python Problem, do not help anyone. Especially not those good guys and girls which use the search function and read only that.

But i think, your post is nearly as useless as many other comments and ideas. Sorry, Just my opinion. But i will tell you why i think that way.
For making it usefull, post some Links for people who you adress to, show them the Sources of knowledge.
Thats a common newbie problem, finding stuff in the jungle of knowledge.
If you search with the wrong keywords, you will never find anything, but you first need to know that keywords.

Problem 0) Making Games without trying out new things is not satisfying
Imagine we would not try to advance our games. Doing the same stuff 3 months over and over again.
It does not help much. But if we go for difficult tasks, we may encounter problems. Problems the 10min 3D Video does not have the correct answer for. So we watch more, but usually there are shown the same things over and over again, how to shoot bullets. But ‘cool’ things are missing. Features like Camera collision in the GE (i found one video in polish with subtitles, which showed what i was searching for) And often you read or hear hints which tell you to find out more by yourself.
I by myself can tell that i used hundreds of hours for searching, and i am still a freshman. But i think if a Person shows effort, let her/him grow with your help!

There are many problems for new users, i use blender for 2 years now and i know how to use the game engine for 1 year. But the current Situation in the internet is terrible.

Problem A) Finding the right Information
There are so many informations, but it happens that you stumble upon Code of old Blenderversions. Most of the time! A new User does not know that she/he may change import bge.logic …to import bge . The Basics are the problems right now. We have multiple Blender Resources on the web, many good women and men which did a great job, but the search for information is hell, because we need:

  1. usable information
  2. for our current state of knowledge

Problem B) Different Perspective of contents between experienced and new Users
I have not seen any Tutorial which teaches Blender 2.6
BGE Stuff from the beginning to an acknowledgeable state how to make a “cool” game.
The Problem is, that many coders do not know anymore what a beginner needs! A common problem teachers (my way of live) have to face. Years of Use/Studying makes everyone at least a little bit blind for the needs of freshman.

I am working on my own stuff, and it is just overwhelming what there is to know! And what does not work well :frowning:
If anyone of the “experienced” Gamedevelopers wants to do some tutorials and want to know what is not clear from the beginning, ask me!
Lines like, “that is not very complicated” do not help :wink: They may do the opposite of what you want.

Problem C) Blender Logic only vs. Blender with python vs. Python - Tutorials.

A personal example of a Problem:
At first, thank you for that tutorials, i appreciate your work, this were not only few minutes of thoughts but many hoursSolar Lunes BGE Python Tutorial Series Part 3But, here is an example what i meant with the different perspective before.

look at the code and the init() function.
I have still no idea why to use it! What it does is clear, but why? If i dont know the why, it will not stay in my brain.
I guess the problem occurs because i am using Python and Blender not only Python and not only Blender.
When do i initialize any object with my system? (as you can see in the attachement)
Even looking into the later Tutorials of Solarlune did not help me, because my system has no use for that, or i dont understand it.
I have some objects i created and spawned from a different layer, all properties are set from the beginning. In my case i do not need to initialize anything (i guess).
Maybe the initialization is a technique which shows its benefits later in the progress of making Games? I can only guess, even if i spend hours of my time to find an answer.
Please dont answer about the init stuff in this thread! Better write me a personal message, i may write a well structured new thread for that (for users who can use the search function for the future).

Problem D: General help vs. direct Solutions
Sometimes i read threads where people get corrections of their code, or they got alternative solutions but not on the basis of what they got. I know, this is not wrong.
Imagine a Situation: “Here take this code, it works” - imagine it works :wink:
But what is the piece of code you got?
You may a) build it in your Game and say, yes it works! or b) think about what this new code means, and why the hell was your idea wrong? was it wrong?
Helping is fine, but structured information which tells the people why their code is not fine, when to use it, why to use it, that would be really cool. Better help one newbie with ease, than bumping out code for three. My thinking.

Conclusion and Suggestions:
What i want you to know is, that there are so many new people with so many different states of knowledge at different times (with different blenderversions).
A great change i would appreciate is, that there is a tutorialpage before you can enter the forum and write threads, explaining how to name threads and how to use the search function.
Or better, a opening Window which ask you, if you used the search function, or where you searched before and what you searched for (maybe shown in the thread for the experienced to see if the user has spend effort).

More Suggestions against the Problems:

  • Making a “Buildversion” based Tutorial section, with a group of experienced (Build should mean: If Python or the BGE has changed, make a new website (or document changes).
  • Adding useful Link Resource to that Tutorials (if there are videos which solve that problems)
  • Adding useful threads which are regarded as solved and easy to understand in this forum which may help Newcomers.

I have not much programming potential, but if anyone wants ideas, ask me :wink:
Have a nice day and dont lose hope! Scroll faster :slight_smile:


JMH_AddobjectwithOwnerProperty_and_AddScore_Testgame.blend (897 KB)

@cam.dudes - Well, this is a support and discussion forum, so you shouldn’t be angry at users who ask questions in general. If the answers are easily found, I think an easier way to help them would be to find and link the answer to the thread for the user and ask them to perform a simple search next time.

@JMHin20xx - Pm’ed.

This is all valid to some extent. There has been a noticeable increase in related questions that need not be asked. This just suggests that there is something that can be done to improve the help on the forums. For example, some forums require you to use the search tool before allowing a post, or for posts to be moderated until the individual is deemed eligible for posting.

I can’t really complain. When you have a desk job & the only entertainment is browsing forum questions…
But yeah, duplicates. I blame lack of centralized documentation, which kinda goes back to the whole “BGE site” discussion.

For example, some forums require you to use the search tool before allowing a post, or for posts to be moderated until the individual is deemed eligible for posting.

I dont like this idea too much, its too much dictatorship. It just need a better documentation with examples.

I can understand the issues with that. It was discussed as I joined the forum and I guess it will be discussed in future too ;).

In general, this forum should be open to BGE users as much as possible. So we will not force users to do a search first. But it is strongly recommended.
We moderators already need to check the first few posts of each new users which is disturbing anyway. (This is for spam not style).

Asking for help is an evolutionary process. A thread titled “Help” does not make me want to read it ;).
I recommend new users to read the stickies first. Here they can find hints how to use the forum.


Indeed, thankfully this was but two examples. Feel free to offer some better solutions.

A demo game templates with the stuff of nowadays game play. Most of the stuff i already found how to do, except for ragdolls(when you kill an enemy, he changes his body to a ragdall.)

John, there are three criteria for a question that is likely to get an answered on any community forum: 1) it is asked politely and coherently enough that people want to help the asker 2) Someone who sees the question actually has to know the answer, and 3) The answer to the question is simple/common enough that it can be answered with a link and/or a few sentences.

I think this thread is more about #1, and your questions suffer from #2 & #3. Which isn’t to say they are bad questions, but they might not be well suited for the general audience of this forum.

What about splitting the “Game Engine Support and Discussion Forum” into a “Game Engine Support Forum” and a “Game Engine Discussion Forum” ?
Just a suggestion, I am not arguing one way or another.

I think a few “tinker toy scenes” the demonstrate principles and describe there step by step re-creation are worth a million tutorials,
I can not find new un-intended uses for a video…

What about splitting the “Game Engine Support and Discussion Forum” into a “Game Engine Support Forum” and a “Game Engine Discussion Forum” ?
Just a suggestion, I am not arguing one way or another.

this is a good idea

You could also split this section into some, depending e.g. on skill, like: unknown, newbie, beginner, intermediate, professional, unbelievable, ueber
Just kidding ^^, something like “newbie, normal, advanced” should be enough.
Or: beginner, advanced, BGE improvements

Most times it’s hard to tell the quality/difficulty of a question. But advanced people & mods should be able to move those threads in the right sections.

It seems the mods deleted a on topic post, and I am not sure why,

I suggested documenting every inch of a OPEN GAME PROJECT

like my own, and explaining step by step how to make each piece,

that is editable for a game that works,

and each piece in the game represents a idea or feature…

Like you can open up the hood and take a peek…

please don’t delete this.

I won’t link to my own project,

or mention it’s name

or whisper it in the shadows…

making a “base .blend”
that could teach about the BGE
Work together on it somehow…
I am not sure how we would do that though…

No, try and make games and ask questions, that is how people grow,

note, there are a thousand solutions to some problems,

I do not attempt to state that I know them all,

some of these people are using translators, and a .blend can really help

This will not happen. You have to judge threads by your own :p.

A “tinker toy game” could really help,
that in detail describes theory behind game objects like the player, interactive scene elements, logic nodes etc…
like the This inventors kit but for blender…

Some day, some one may make such a game,
in the Team projects section
that will teach newbs to not be newbs,
in moments…

some day some one may in fact need a python coder to help,
then there will be less newbs, because they can learn by dissection

that day happened long ago,
I have been told that there are great powers said to linger to help the bold,

help me make the “stock newbs” less newbish?

(looks at coders who are way better then himself)