Newbie Game Maker. First Game Questions. (Blender/Unreal Engine 4)

I Just recently thought of a new game idea and made many models for it, but now i’m working on the Level/Landscape and I have some questions. For building the meat of the landscape (hills/mountains/rivers/plains) i’m in blender and I was wondering the best way to do this. I am unsure weather I should build each mountain, hilly area and lake separate then connect them, or start with a square, sub divide it then sculpt the landscape. (I’m attempting a low poly theme on a large scaled landscape)

Any help would be great with landscaping or just general game making tips.

A hope full game developer

Well, this isn’t posted on the right subforum,but I’ll help you as best I can.
I assume that you mean something like this by low poly:
So, here’s what I would do:
I would spawn several planes, each maybe 250x250 units, with the scene scale set up so that each plane is about 1/4 kilometer in Unreal. These would be set up in a grid so that they meet up at the seams/edges. I would than subdivide the plane several times and, after normalizing the rotation and scale (CRTL and A) than start sculpting them (make sure that you lock sculpting on XY axis and turn off mirror on X axis, which is on by default) After being happy with the topology of one tile, I would move onto the next and sculpt that. To make sure that the tiles match up at the edges, you can snap the vertices of the edges by selecting them and using snap to grid (SHIFT S - selection to grid) I would than import the meshes into Unreal and arrange them so they fit together. Because you need all of the individual triangles in the terrain to have collision, you can change the collision properties in unreal to “Use Complex Collision as Simple” which will give you a complex mesh collider.
Also these two tutorials seem good for low poly landscape, but they are not focused especially for games:

Also, to learn many good low poly modeling techniques, I recommend PigArts channel - it has some very useful tutorials:

I will try your method and see how it works out. Thanks

If you need more explanation or an example file / tutorial, I’m happy to help.