Newbie - getting started

(eager to learn) #1


Perhaps, I’ve subscribed to the incorrect forum as I have no experience coding nor creating animation.

I wanted to explore how I might learn Blender to create an animation (short - less than a minute) like one shared with me.

I posted that on another Animation forum on but I don’t really get much help.

Again, if this isn’t the best fit for newbies could you please share any other forums which might be?

Thank you for your help and understanding.

(erickBlender) #2

It all depends on what you want to do, what kind of style you want, details character should be, … it depends on so many factors. to get started try Youtube there is enough to keep you busy, if you have problem post here.

(JA12) #3

Here’s a link to the mentioned previous post

You don’t need experience in animation and definitely not in coding to start working with Blender. Blender is the tool and relatively easy and fast to learn, it’s the fundamentals of that takes a lot of time and effort. It might seem like Blender is difficult to learn, but it’s just vast, being the only tool that can be used for the whole pipeline.

Whatever you do, it all starts with knowing the basics of the tool

If you want animation basics specifically, finding tutorials for that is as simple as doing a web search for “blender animation basics” and seeing which of the results could work for you. Keyframe animation is the most basic one on the subject. Or, if you don’t want to plow through random tutorials and/or want more comprehensive ones, could pay for them on Blender Cloud,,

Start teaching yourself and if you get stuck, post on the support forum.

You get help when you post on the correct subforum and provide enough information to work with. If you say you have an example, then post a link to that example. If you say you’ve posted elsewhere, provide a direct link to that post. Don’t leave relevant information out, and definitely don’t say you can do something if needed, just do it, because no one else needs information but you and it’s easier for everyone else to just not reply.

(Anthony Forwood) #4

I wouldn’t say that Blender is that easy to learn. There are so many advanced features that a newbie can easily get lost in it all.

As JA12 points out, you need to post more information about what you want to do.

I found that the best way to learn was to just jump in and experiment.