Newbie head+skin+eyes

Hey everyone,

I’ve had Blender installed for a while, played with materials and python a bit, but this is my first real attempt at modeling(aside from a wine glass and a few [failed] attempts at abstracts)
About 45 mins work + 1hr tweaking of shaders.

using one of [email protected]’s angmaps, blender internal render with AO (12 samples), bad 3-point lighting etc.

also - I made this two days ago, since then I’ve read some docs on head modeling - should be some vast improvements now. common sense had me doing face loops around the eyes, but the mouth was poorly planned. seams are from using the same texture for left and right side - not subdivision.

C&C are more than welcome - though bare in mind - if it’s about the lighting (he was lit for a different camera angle) or the skin tone (added a second col map that makes him look “clayish”, also pulled the overall nor down on the procedural side of things, which sucks) - then I know. I screwed it up before doing the proper render and haven’t had time to fix it.

Any glaring mistakes in my modeling here though? I can post wires if needed.[/img]

oops :slight_smile: just noticed I forgot to give him a right nostril haha… (I added it after gluing the two sides together)

kinda’ creepy.

but nice facial modelling, the skin seems very stretched, and the lips are very well done i don’t get it though. it needs something more…

Well done on modeling I have been working on heads lately and I have been haveing some trouble for them, I guess some people just have a nack for this program. One question how did you get the left eye to reflext the image? or did you use an image?

hey guys, thanks for replying - I was beginning to wonder if I had (a) broken some forum rule I missed or (b) posted something so far beyond crap that people had ousted me :slight_smile:



kinda’ creepy.

heh - thanks - that’s a problem I’ve always had with my drawings :slight_smile: I don’t mean it… the skin is terribly stretched - that was my first foray into UV mapping, and I didn’t really do a good job (tweaked a “window” map)

in fact, you can even see some of the “lip” colour map acting almost as a mustache :slight_smile:

Yah - this modeling thing is a lot harder than I’d imagined - it’ sone thing to make a rough shape, but then there’s how it deforms, subdivs etc… what have I gotten myself into? :stuck_out_tongue:
As far as the left eye, I turned on Ray Mirror quite high, with a medium fresnel so that it wasn’t stupidly chrome-like(I can upload the blend if you want details).

The really nice reflection (and background) is caused by the use of a sphere map (angmap) - basically, like a skybox, but spherical. I used one of [email protected]’s (thankyouthankyou [email protected]!)
you can find 'em here:

good luck - keep me posted on how you go - I’ll post some wires now so you can see how ugly the modeling is :slight_smile:

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Wow, very stylish. It’s very creative compared to almost every other head you see around here. Great work! :smiley:
And the skin shader is great too. :slight_smile: