Newbie Help - teleport, camera, focus with game start???

I was given an art assignment the other day and have decided to do an interactive artwork. Now I have about 4 weeks to learn the blender gaming engine and modling engine (If it has gone nowhere In a week or two, I will create a non-interactive work in Strata 3D). I am confident with my Python knowledge to make light work of understanding the programming side of it but have a few questions about the blender engine itself.

How do I make the game focus inside a camera when the game starts?
How am I able to turn the camera by moving the camera, just for a basic look tool?
How would I go about turning the camera sideways with the arrow keys?
If I made a rose pedal, how would I create several to fall down in the motion of a leaf or feather and teleport up to the top of the room again to fall back down? (These can be ghosts)

Thanks for all your help. Any good tutorials to start me on my way would also be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Scott[/list]

I don’t know much about camera control, but here’s some ideas for the rose petal concept.

  1. Each petal is a dynamic object, rotating as they fall. When they collide with the floor, they are dLoc’d upwards to the ceiling.

  2. Each petal is animated in advance (IPO curves and such). During gameplay, they each animate and loop.

  3. An intangible and invisible plane uses the Add Object actuator to create dynamic petals, which are Removed when they collide with the floor.

:smiley: Seems to be pretty nice and simple if you know your Blender Game Engine.

Hehe, for camera control, since your’s is not commercial, just rip the camera setup off of the room walkthrough. It’s around someplace, maybe try the website if they still have it. Or for a fps style camera look, use one of z3r0_d’s fps scripts.

If you want to make your own movement. Just make the camera a dynamic actor and use keyboard sensors and motion actuators to move. It’s all basic motion, check out the demo/tutorial list above.

Since your python knowledge is pretty good. You have an extra choice instead of IPO’ing the leaf animations in advance. You can use python to manipulate the movement and rotation of the leaf. Just use the motion actuator and random the movement of the leaf.

Yeah, use an empty with an add object actuator to add leaves. You can randomly change the position of the empty via python so the leaves don’t always fall down from the same place. Errr… it’s all possible when you learn to use the GE.

Example .blend of falling leaves might be better. They just getting added, fall, and disappear. :wink: You’ll have to do your own realistic leaft movement. http:///

Jason Lin

I don’t get it, What makes it disapear. And where are you getting the leaf object from?

Sorry, utter newbie

the leaf is added from an empty that u cant see with an addObject actiator(the leaf object thats being added can be found in the second layer has to be in a different layer as the one it being aded to). The way it disapears is after a certain amount of time set by the time value in the addObject actuator. hope this helps im kinda rushing :smiley:

You guys are legends, Thanks all

that might be a stretch to learn in two weeks!

Just going back to my old threads. Thanks for all your help. I got good marks for that assignment I handed in ages ago (91% I think.) You all have started me on the road to making bigger and better projects with Blender and the game engine. Thanks