newbie help with povanim

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Hello all. I’m new to blender. I have been raytracing with povray for some time though. Looking for a way to use blender and povray, someone pointed me to this site and told me to look for a program called povanim. I found povanim but have no idea how to use it with my own blender creations. I have no python experience. I had started using blender 2.25 but switched to the version povanim is made for (2.23?). The documentation seems to be lacking for someone as inexperienced as myself. I was hoping someone could give me a quick tutorial on povanim assuming I have a simple scene set up in blender. I understand how to load a script into a window in blender and know that alt-p should run it. but tyring to load one of the .py files that came with povanim and trying to run it resulted a script error “no module named xptrueA_14j”

if i am missing something or if there is already an answer to this elsewhere, please let me know.

thankyou very much. i’ve heard good things about blender and povanim and I look forward to being able to use them with povray.

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Like it says in the documentation which comes with it, put xptrueA-14j.pyc in the Blender directory.

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ah yes. that infamous step 1. how i failed to see that I do not know. thankyou

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??? Very nice picture, but what has that image to do with my comment?

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??? Very nice picture, but what has that image to do with my comment?[/quote]

Nothing. Just for the fun.