Newbie help with tutorial

Hey all,
I used the tutorial here
to create a nice looking mountain, just like the tutorial showed, but i can’t figure out how to get my mountain texture to look like the finished example. I’ve tried layering textures, but that dosnt work.
Please help me make my mountain look realistic

Looks like image textures were used.

So do the Google (i. e. free textures) and find some nice stone textures.
Image textures can be combined with blenders procedural textures. Additionally you can modify the image texture in PS or GIMP.

Also you might want to check ‘other software’. There is a post there regarding a texture maker, that is free to download and evaluate. It’s not terribly expensive should you choose to buy it, and it has such features as drag and drop layer synthesis, (and that’s real synthesis, not just layering) and simulated erosion.