Hi everybody.

I am new to blender and can’t find info/tutorials on just doing simple things. f.ex. I don’t know how to add a surface to an object… :frowning:

Do any of you know where to find a beginners tutorial? I once found one on bleders own page but that’s not an option any longer i guess…


The knowledge base at is sadly missing.

There are some nice tutorial on this very site, and many scattered all over each user’s site. Problem is that also the bibliography of links is lost.

Make told us that B@rt is organizing a web ring so that each blender user can surf from web site to web site smoothly, but I still don’t have clue on how this will be done.

Stay tuned and don’t loose any hope :slight_smile:

keep on blending


Here is couple pages with tuts from newbie to advanced blenderhead:

Well couldn’t find that other :frowning: i will post it later

Here is a site with links to many tutorials. Obviously the ones from the main site will not be available, and I think blendermania is still down, but you should be able to find some good tuts here:

ain’t got no links but try F to add face to three or four vertices or shift F to add faces to an area enclosed by edges.

:slight_smile: pofo

(if this wasn’t what you wanted to know, just ignore me. I’m getting pretty good at that myself)

Hi ace81,

here`s a beginners file:

welcome to blender,