Newbie Help

Hi, yep Im a noob with a question thats going to turn out to have a simple answer but here goes…

I am doing my first very simple Animation but have only got as far as animation Text - I now want a Cubed Mesh to appear in frame 80 but when i Add the Mesh it then appears in frames 1-79 as well. How do I add a new object into frame 80?


a quick and simple would be to set it off screen in frame 79, then in place in frame 80?
(ie, frame 79 : x=500, y=500, z=500, frame 80 : x=0, y=0, z=0)

Or have it change layers from a hidden layer to a visible one.

Steve S

or in the outliner, press i to insert keyframes on the renderability of the cubed mesh