newbie here...

hi… i’m shang from the Philippines…
i’m new in this forum… and hoping to learn and contribute in this forum…
happy posting…

Welcome! See you around the boards, best of luck with your Blender endeavors :slight_smile:

It’s so amazing to see how spammers can even get you to say “welcome” :wink:

shang26 is just another spam user.
Here’s a few of his/her other accounts: ((s)he’s unmasked there)

Let’s say hurray to celebrate the new wave of spam techniques: hip hip… hurray!

hey , cool finding out oogsnoepje , i mean like this is no be done to these kind of peoples.
Anyways , how have ya found out those adresses , hmm ?

Let’s just say that no-one on the interweb can move around freely without leaving traces :wink:

I’ve got my doubts about some other users as well, but this one was especially crystal clear.

Ooh, Good job, oogsnoepje! I would love to know how you found out… Maybe a search engine? And who else is on the ‘Doubt List’ ?

@oog: Shoot! That’s what I get for being nice :smiley: Back to flipping off the newcomers…

Maybe shes just lonely and looking for people to talk to? :spin:

Judging by his/her sig, I doubt it.


Hope you have lots of fun learning blender, you’ve definitely chosen the right place to come to.

– Edit –

Unless of course, you intend to spam us with clothes related posts.

Wow I want to buy clothes!