[newbie] How do I cut up a model?

I have a model that I need to cut up in pieces in order to be 3D printed.

The model is an airplane, and I want to cut off the wings so I can print it without needing to add supports.

I was hoping it could be something like adding a plane and using that to cut my model in 2, but after 2 hours of Googling I still haven’t found any tutorial or reference.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Why not taking a Cube as “cutter” and a boolean modifer (difference with the cube) on the model you want to cut ? Like this, all inside the cube “will disappear”.

Thanks for the reply!

That got me closer to it, but it seems to take a very long time. Blender actually crashed on me.

Poor iMac with it’s i5 and 4 Gb of RAM… :slight_smile:

I think I might just select the wing vertices, duplicate that and then patch up the holes?

yes, It would be better if you just select the object to cut (the wings). Perhaps you won’t have to patch holes (if you mean fill the hole), i’ve tested to cut suzanne and it has filled the hole automatically.

And don’t forget to check the minimum wall thickness of the material you’re printing. I tried to print an airplane of sorts, and it was rejected as the wings were too thin and to scale them up to the required thickness would have cost too much. So I printed a pendant instead, looks great.