(newbie) How do I model a flat spring?

(I am new to blender3D. I live in Qatar and work in the nenergy sector. I do 3D graphics as a leisure).

I read tutorials about the “screw function” and got it to work.
However, i am trying to model a flat hairspring, like the one below (the blue spring in the middle of picture below):

is there a way to do it using the screw function but with no vertical development?
(For info, the section of the spring is a simple rectangle, and in my case I don’t need to model the bent outter coil or anything “funcky”).

I hope someone can help or share a similar type of spring already modelled, may be?

I found the way. I simply need to use a horizontal segment added to my section for the spring and “screw” function does the job.
(sory for my slow learning process)