Newbie: how to add vertice at midpoint

This is really basic question, and it seems like you should be able to do this easily, but i can’t figure it out. What i want to do is add a new vertice to the midpoint of a line. If I select the line and use subdivide, or use the knive->midpoint tool, it creates the new vertice, but then adds a bunch of extra edges going into it from other verticies.

Blender only recognises faces with 3 or 4 edges.


You will have to remove the extra edges and restore the face.

What I do is “delete the edge”. The line between the two vertices that I want to add a new vertice.

Next, select the two vertices (where the edge was), Press the E Key on the keyboard to extrude them. Then press S key to shrink them together with the mouse. Finally use Rem Doubles to make the 2 new vertices ‘one vertice’.

I delete all the faces around the edge in question, subdivide it, and reconstruct the faces.

Or select neighboring tris and combine them to quads with the j key to get rid of extra edges. Ctrl E turn edges cw or ccw to reposition existing edges also helps…