[newbie] How to edit mesh in local transform (without object transform)?

When i hit Num-/ selected object is shown in it’s local coord system.

Is it possible to disable the object local transform and edit associated mesh in its orignal non-transform state?
(as if i’d cleared all the object transforms)

“Local” in this case does not mean transform. It means local mode, i.e. you’re viewing only one object.

Now if I understand your question correctly, you want to edit mesh after you’ve rotated it in object mode, but do not want to reset that rotation? In this case, you can switch Transform Orientation to “Local” (see bottom toolbar of 3D view), and then use 3D manipulator in local transform orientation. Or, if you’re using hotkeys to restrict your operations (e.g. G->X to move vertices along X axis), simply tap the hotkey twice (e.g. G->X->X). This will restrict operations to local axii.

I do not want to edit it using local basis.
I want to see it in local basis.

Let say, i designed a teapot. It has nose at his front (-Y) and hat at his top (+Z).
I may choose side view to see nose profile, or top view to see how hat fits head.

In scene, the teapot moved somewhere and rotated. It’s local Z now points in random direction.
Or maybe i have several teapots that share the same mesh.

I want to edit the teapot mesh as if it was not transformed: to see it having nose at front and hat at top, an be able to select side view to see its profile.

Oh, that. You can use Shift + numpad keys for that. Although I beleive it only aligns properly in object mode (i.e. you can align to, say, side view in object mode and then switch to edit mode).

EDIT: but you still will have to use either Local orientation 3D manipulator or double-tap axis restriction to properly edit.

Alternatively, you can duplicate your object with Alt+D, clear all transforms on the duplicate and then edit the mesh normally (maybe in another layer). Alt+D creates a linked duplicate: editing mesh of a “copy” will also update original. You can get rid of the duplicate when you’re done editing.

Thanks. Will use this trick.
Im surprised there is no such feature in blender natively.