[Newbie] How to fill it?


I’m trying to get known with Blender…

I’m trying to model a lamp and I have very simple problem with “closing” object (filling it’s ends).


As you can see, the figure is like a tube - the caps are not ended. I would like to close it but selecting 4 vertices to form a face is rather a dull job so I wonder - can it be achieved in other, simpler way?

Thanks in advance.

I have seen the image. It is not very clear. In the edit mode Select 4 vertix and press F
that will create a face to fill the gap. By doing this you can fill you empty space. After doing if you see that is not looking nice, the in the edit mode press Control+N to recalculate.

I’ve uploaded second image which might more clearly show the problem.


Selecting every 4 vertices to create a face for whole perimiter will take much time so I would like to know if anyone knows simple solution to achieve the same effect as creating each face of cap singly.

Thanks in advance.

I think “Fill” should do that… well I’m not sure about the hotkey but I guess it’s shift+F, but I’m pretty sure you can find it in the Mesh->Faces menu.

Select one inside and one outside edge [Alt+RMB and shift+Alt+RMB] (that are supposed to have faces between them.) The use the fill tool for edge loops [f>>Skin Faces/Edge-Loops]. If there are different numbers of vertices in the two loops, you’ll be given a choice in how to fill them. Pick one, if you don’t like the result, undo [ctrl+z] and pick the other one.

also, sometimes its cleaner to “fill” a gap by selecting the edges, extrude->scale to a point (E->S->0) then remdoubles.
usually circular regions should be filled this way (there are exceptions)

Thanks all of you for advices.

Zdk1 - I’ve tried to do the extrude-scale trick to fill the caps, but unfortunately it covers whole cap instead of the perimiter only and I didn’t see any simple solution to clear the inside ring (the outside one is not perfectly the same as the inside one).

Basicly I had messed up mesh and that’s why there were some problems with Skin faces/Edge-Loops which Orinoco mentioned about.

After clearing the mesh, Shift+f (Fill) did the work. Thanks Maxpa and all of you for quick replies :slight_smile: