[Newbie] How to make Action 2 starts from Action 1 end location

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I have these 2 armatures actions strip in NLA editor:

  • action 1 starting from pt A ending at pt B

  • action 2 starting from pt C ending at pt D (with multiple LocRotScale on each path) .

So at this pt armature just jump from B to C at the end of action 1 of course.

How can we make action 2 starting from pt B ? …and get that action 3 result.

Screen Captures of the NLA editor

Screen 1: frame 99 / end location of armature Action 1
Screen 2: frame 100 / start location of armature Action 2

Goal : Update Action 2 to start from frame 99 location

Found a dirty workaround so far by adding an empty & parenting the armature on it. Then moving + key frame that empty with some dirty f curves fill in graph editor ^^ Guess there must be a properly way to achieve that goal without having to deal with that extra garbage track. =)

Here’s my first ever blender 1mn anim with that “action stich” transitions issues. I wish i could improve the result on the 2nd one i’m “working” on .

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I don’t think this is trivial. For the actions to blend together well, they’d have to have a common reference point of some sort. I think there’s a trick with a root bone having a driver that moves in the negative direction of whatever bone is controlling your forward movement with the result that your animation effectively stays in one spot.

I’d have to think a bit more about how this would work, but it’s the only way I can think of. I’m not the most experienced animator either, so maybe someone else has a better solution.