Newbie - how to model hydraulic system

Hello guys,

I am trying to use blender for some school stuff. Basically my idea is to create model of hydraulic system first, and then use python scripts for simulations.

Here is picture of system I am trying to model:

For begining I would like to model 3 tanks and main construction. I will add other details later. I was able to create really basic model by using cubes (one cube construction, 3 other cubes for tanks), but would like to ask you guys, if there is any other way, because I want to make it looks more realistic.

Thank you for any ideas or useful tutorials!

Here is a pre-modeled ruler. Maybe you can use part of it in making your scales.


++regles1_ruler.blend (443 KB)

thanks for ruler, will take a look at it later…

for now, I just have simple draft, but I dont know how to make material for construction and tanks looks more realistic


get on youtube and watch the basic texturign video’s. Also check out basic organic modeling that will help you make the rounder parts. Its gonna take a while - if it was easy everyone would be doing it.

to make your tanks transparent, add a new material, call it glass or something
in the materials panel give it an almost white colour (default is fine) set alpha to about 0.2
set ZTransp on
give the back board some colour
add a light to the scene. maybe a hemi to start with, pointing at your model
camera and render!

thank you steeve for help, that is what I was looking for
also thanks skateboardkid, will check those tutorials

btw. is there any way how can I work with rendered images in Game Engine? When I press P now I got different stuff, it looks like game engine isnt working with those materials I added