Newbie: How to select and colour a face

I have done several tutorials and read the manual OK but can’t select and colour a face, e.g. please explain how to paint the default CUBE with different-coloured faces?
(If you know anywhere these actions are explained that would be fine).
I don’t know what mode I need to be in ( Texture, Render, or creating a Map etc).

BTW I plan to contribute to Blender manual-writing!
Big shout out to blender-guru for great tutorials!

The quick answer (I’m quite busy for a long one):

Create two or more materials in the materials bit of the properties editor for the object. Call them Material_1 and Material_2, for instance. You can call them anything.

Now go into edit mode for the object. Select some faces. In the materials panel, select Material_1 and beneath the materials list you will find a button labelled “assign”. Click that and those faces are assigned that material.

Now select Material_2 and select the other faces and click assign. Now those faces are assigned that material.

And just do this for however many materials you want on the object.

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Thanks - but it’s even simpler - (I am a real beginner) I can’t select the face I want to colour!
I’m in EDIT mode but how do I select a face? Do I click 4 vertices? The Select and Face ( CTL-F) buttons list many things but not ‘Select Faces’ which is the action I want.
In many tutorials I see faces highlighting when clicked on but not when I do it.
(Macbook Pro, 3-button mouse).
BTW I see the cube initially has a hideous cyan-striped effect that dazzles and obscures the geometry, is this to say it hasn’t been rendered yet? It would be clearer to see a grey cube by default (like in the startup mode).

Not sure if you’re using 2.8 or 2.79 but look at the bottom of the gif I posted. You will see me selecting different modes to select.

Not sure why you’re seeing a weird color on your object, maybe you are in texture mode but have no texture on it?

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(Testing 2.80)
I found the selection control buttons (face, edge etc) at top left of cube window. Now I can select a face!
Display: After simply starting-up in Layout mode, I get grey cube OK. If I change to Edit mode I get the cyan frazzle-effect cube. Selection highlighting is all but impossible to see on the cube.
Thanks again - now I’m off to study nodes for colouring and textures!

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