Newbie - How to taper a mesh or object?

How do I deform this ground plane to taper at one end? Can I do this in edit mode? Is there a taper tool? Is it the Proportional Edit tool? If so I haven’t gotten it to do what I want. I could start over with a un-subdivided object, but I remember using a tapering tool in another 3D program that was wonderfully interactive and I’m guessing Blender has this too.

I’m thinking it’s a good idea to widen the ground plane in the distance to compensate for the perspective, in order to keep the scene smaller.


Use the ‘Simple Deform’ modifier set to Taper or maybe a lattice modifier. Personnaly I would start with the tapered plane then subdivide it.


Sorry it’s been over a week. I’ve been on another project. I ended up doing it with a taper plane and then subdividing that, as you said. Thanks for the Jing screencast