Newbie - How would I model this??

Good morning everybody,

I’m scratching my head about how to model the following…

It’s a game asset, I tried a few methods but always come up short… It’s the flap that causes me the most trouble…

Kind Regards In advance

Is there anybody who can help??

I don’t need to model the cap badge, as I could incorporate that with a texture.


One way could be this…I’t need a little more work…But it’s only to show…:slight_smile:

A circle - Make it oval - take a copy - rotate it - Pic 1

Use Proportional Editing - Shortcut : o - Select a vertex drag it out - use scroll button to Size the Circle…Pic 2 :slight_smile:

Extrude the circle and size it a few time - Use Lop cut to fill in some ring…Pic 3

On Pic 3 - I have used the Proportional Editing to shape ? the Beret…Need more work…:slight_smile:

Pic 4 - Subdiv = 1 + Smooth - other is Decimatet .

You can use the Smooth Brush in Sculp on very low setting to smooth it.

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thank you very much for giving me an explanation :cool:

Kind Regards


To connect the 2 circle - In object mode - Select both circle - Press - Ctrl + J - It will join them.

Now You can go Edit Mode - Select both circle.

In T - Panel = Left side Panel - Short cut - t

In Tools Tap - Find the Loop Tools…open it - clicl the Bridge - Then Click Bridge…It will connect them…:slight_smile:

If it isen’t strait…You can use the twist to get it right…:slight_smile: