Newbie: Importing SVG file

My search for a method to create a complex spiral in Photoshop or Illustrator led me to Blender 3D –

I’ve watched some beginning tutorials, though it’s still a little confusing for me.

I want to import a file I saved in both Photoshop and Illustrator. When I click on File > Import, I don’t see options for Photoshop or Illustrator, but I do see SVG listed. So I saved my filed as a SVG and imported it. But what’s next?

When I imported it, nothing happened. I don’t see the item I imported. So how do I not only import a file but see it in the screen?

I found a discussion that suggests saving it as a dxf or obj file. However, I don’t see dxf among the import options, and Illustrator doesn’t list obj as an export option.

Better yet, are you aware of a tutorial that covers what I’m trying to do - import a radial and use a mesh to warp it with 3D effects?

Thank you.

Well, let’s go…

When you import ans SVG file you are importing lines. Normally they are really small because of the scale and you will find them laying on the “ground” of the viewport. You may need to scale them to use in your project.

To be able to import and export some formats you need to enable the proper addons int “edit”, “preferences” and “addons”.

Thanks! I’ll take another look at it.