Newbie in an attempt of learning..slowly giving up

Hello im new to blender and rendering and texturing , and i have a problem , first of all this is my last attempt of looking for help i have searched the web over and over trying to find a solution for my problem followed numerous tutorials but they all only explain how to Unwrap Cubes , which is not usefull to anyone.

I have a model of a radio , i have textured its pretty easy to do that :stuck_out_tongue: , I have followed a tuturial that made me join all the pieces togeather etc etc , but i do not understand people in tutorials show you how to select the edges of the cube , damn that cube … But i do not have a single idea how to select multiple edges of a more complex blend file , when i press a to select everything and then press U to open the unwrap menu the Unwrap option is greyed out i have no idea why , i would be very very greatfull if anyone can atleast send me a tutorial i have missed over the internet about unwrapping a more complex object… i will include the blend file so u can check it out for urself , many many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

radio.blend (587 KB)

When you unwrap in blender you unwrap faces. Opening your blend file, your model has no faces to unwrap, only edges.


It appears your object has no faces. It only has edges and points. Faces are the surfaces that span between the edges. Without faces you can’t UV unwrap hence the option in grayed out.

Woah okay , thanks for the superfast replyes and it was pretty helpfull to know what was the problem but , but **** just got serious :open_mouth: , i just got this when i unwrapped my object and its a little different than a cube i think , could you direct me to a tutorial or something that shows the next step ? :confused: sorry if im being boring but this is clearly too complicated to be learning by myself :confused:

I forgot to post a a img with the post :confused:

well, for a start its not exactly a cube :slight_smile:
as you have modeled it using simple lines and vertices, there are a lot of areas that dont connect in a way that blender can work with. your model has aquired what we call ngons, polygons with more than four sides, and while they are useful in modelling they are complete rubbish for texturing and unwrapping. it will be quicker for you to simply redo the box section completly. (your dials are fine)

start with a simple cube and using the inset polygon addon (wich can be activated by going to file, user preferences,addons, and typing inset polygons into the search bar then just click the checkbox to enable it)

now in edit mode having face select mode activated simply select the face and activate the inset tool from the tool bar and adjust the faces to match what you were aiming for in the first model. Then its just a simple case of adding extra edges to define the sections, CTRL r to make loop cuts and adjust the edges as you need to.
then to unwrap, select a series of edges as if the model was a cardboard box that you were opening and press CTRL E and select add seam, the chosen edges will turn red. now select the whole box and unwrap.

remodelled box using inset polygon tool. your wireframe for comparison.

unwrapped box

I have abandoned my first idea because it turned out to be much harded than i thought so i started a new more basic one , i got this cube resized and textured as you can see in the image below , is it possible to uv map it like this so every side has its own texture ? or is that hard too ?

heres the blend file too
maliradiotextured.blend (796 KB)

Hi :), you can apply more than one UV unwrapping layer. When the mesh is selected, go to the object settings (where you find the shape keys and vertex groups) and add new layers there. Then when you apply the texture and select UV for the mapping, you can select the UV layer to use. Just make sure to select the right layer when you’re editing them, otherwise you could end up undoing your work for a previous layer. If you want me to I can do a video to explain it, just let me know if that’d be helpful.

First of all i would like to thank everyone that replyed to my topic , and for the fast replyes , everyone was really helpfull, and yes Enigma246 if you could do a video tutorial i would be so tthankfull that would be super awsome , really like this forum the members are just great !

Apologies for the wait, my computer just wasn’t playing ball. Hopefully this answers your questions :slight_smile:

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

I have marked your tutorial for later viewing, I think this will help me too. But, what if you don’t want multiple UVs? Could you do the same thing just texturing faces on one UV?

If you’re saying what I think you are, you can arrange the images into a single image on something like, and use that in Blender, mapping each image separately, but on the same layer, you just need to make sure each face is separated like I do at the start of the video otherwise you might get stretching in some places.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: