Newbie in need of help and ideas

I am a newbie when it comes to modelling, I have 0 zero art skills and so far I have been modelling this “thing” on the go without any reference images (although it kinda looks like a protoss Archon, or at least I hope it will end up looking like one).

Where should i take it from here?

High resolution sculpt details on every individual segment of the character ( shoulders, chest, head etc) and bake the details? If so, is it advisable to keep the current geometry (relatively low and full quads) and shrinkwrap it on the high detail mesh? Or is it better to sculpt and remesh the result? I am afraid this might result in break the quads geometry and its also so frustrating to do with the “snap to surface” tool (the only method I know).

I also have no idea how to add any other type of detail to my model. I was think to make the character “float” maybe have some lightning or some flames eject from the robe. I don’t know how to do any of those two. Also I am not sure how the make the bottom look and act like a cloth…

(awesome display of paint skills…)

How exactly do you model flames or lightning to use either in a render or in a game engine? (nothing too fancy…)

Maybe at some point in the future I will learn how to rig the model, make it float somehow, and see how it behaves in a game engine (ah the dreams…). Zero experience with rigging.