Newbie in need of help

Hi, guys first post! So I recently made a model of a springfield musket. However when I go to UV map it, I use box or shift right click to select all of the parts of my model in object mode and hit tab to go to edit mode. However in edit mode, only the last one I selected (the one that’s yellow) is the only one in edit mode that displays faces and vertices etc…

The other object are still highlighted in orange but when I try to UV map them, only the selected object maps. I need to make a .png file with all of the objects. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

you can only have one object at any time in edit mode, that is the active object (the last one selected). You would need to join all your separate objects (Ctrl+J) to make one single object to show all the faces on the unwrap. You can always split them laters by selecting all vertices in edit mode and P / separate loose parts