Newbie in stress!

I cant get my cartoon-type bird to look right! Whenever i render it, it never looks smooth, you can always see the edges, etc. I have tried smoothing it out and optimal and everything! It wont work. :frowning: Any tips?

‘subsurf’ plus ‘set smooth’ should do it.

like i said! i already did that. :frowning:

could be vid card

Without seeing your process, I don’t know. I can tell you that Optimal has nothing to do with it. Optimal only changes the way the wireframe looks. You say this happens whenever you render it. Do you mean that it looks OK in the Object & Edit modes before it’s rendered?

Maybe it’s your mesh’s face normals. Try recalculating normals outside (go into Editmode, select everything with ‘a’ then press ‘ctrl + n’) and see if it works. If it doesn’t, make sure your mesh is closed off (no openings, otherwise Blender won’t know which is inside and out!) and try again.

More about normals here and here.

You people are all very nice but you are ALL forgetting one very important thing! My question- How do i post images that are not on the internet?

Um, that was the question you posted in another thread. And boy you have a lot of them. People arent going to respect you if you flood the board with threads and then demand things without even reading what you wrote before.

For images use

Did you press this button while the mesh was selected?:

EDIT: Had I read Fligh %'s response to you in another thread, I wouldnt have posted this. Consider yourself lucky.

I did read it, but since i got no replies to that particular question, i posted it in another thread. I do read what i post. And i am sorry for flooding the boards i just want to do something! I dont have much time, only a week because then i start school again(boarding school, a very good one, not what most people think).

So… then did the set smooth thing work or not? Did you fix the dreaded bird?

Oh, and you may want to try using Image Shack for uploading images:

Did you make sure both numbers are the same =)