[Newbie][Interface] Pressing 'P' to play pops up an input box

Hey everyone, thanks for taking a look at my question. Edit it is solved, but I post my solution for reference.
I’ve just installed Blender on my Vista machine. (Vista 64 bit, but 32 bit Blender).
I’ve just started using Blender and I’m using a tutorial to learn the tricks.

My problem is that whenever I press ‘P’ to try to start the scene, instead of taking my input it pops up a small input field where I can type. It has a green, downward pointing arrow next to it and it displays some foreign characters (Chinese perhaps?). Just typing P and pressing enter doesn’t change the view mode.

I’ve checked in the menus to change to that mode by mouse, to no avail.

I’m probably doing something wrong. Is there perhaps another way to go into the ‘play’ mode, or is there a way to disable this popup?

I hope my question is clear enough - if not, please say so.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: it seems that this is a Windows issue - or feature.
The input of my keyboard, which is azerty, not qwerty was set to qwerty. Pressing alt+shift changed this. I had to press alt+shift 4 or 5 times for it to be switched to azerty. I now can play movies in the game engine, and edit labels the way I should.